Ask The El Explorers

No, Phantom Seeker does not work on hair ties.

She attacks from the ground, and I attack from the air, so we have different techniques. It was fun while it lasted, but we weren’t learning much from each other.

Have you ever visited the forums, Spooky? We're a little bit of a broken community, but.. we're certainly something. A lot of us are fans of your work, too! -A relatively frequent asker

I go there at times, and trust me… senpai notices you guys. My stuff is in avatars at least once for every thread I see. xD The ingame community keeps me away from the forums, plus my friends who frequent them always tell me it’s bad. Regardless, you guys are all cuties. I’ve been debating making a thread on the forums for posting updates in too, and allowing people to comment on stuff… but I’m not sure, that might be overwhelming. QuQ

Hello~! So I was wondering... About how many asks do you get a day?

Hello friend~ I get about 10 asks a day. Sometimes ~5, sometimes ~20.

It’s not like I don’t want to, but we’re kinda busy trying to get the El back. Dating isn’t exactly a priority…