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Can i see Temporia and RenaE together .w.

I don’t have RenaE’s model. You can probably ask RavenH to do this, as he has Temporia’s model.

…That feeling was a little disorienting to experience at first, but I got used to it.

Okay, I feel super guilty about this and I’m saying it now so that when it happens, it’s not going to plague me for days.

While developing a new sort of strategy to answer questions and ultimately make it easier on me, (the result of this new strategy stuffs the queue with like 10 answers every time I use it), I completely forgot about the fact that the 400th answer is coming. It’ll be on Tuesday. But I won’t be able to do anything special, like I wanted to. >~<; It’ll just be a regular couple picture like every 10 answers usually is. Even if I were to rush something, it would mess up a good few hours of work I’ve put into future answers.

I hope you guys understand, and that the holiday comics will make up for it.

First stream will either be Friday or Saturday. If we get on Elsword I’ll more than likely be on my Arc Tracer. eue (I’m stopping him at 35 and forcing myself to wait for MM.)

It’ll be in the evening, maybe around 5-6pm EST? Maybe 5pm, an hour before the answer usually posts. I’ll also probably do a stream on my birthday, which is a Monday… but some of America has that particular day off. Either way, it’ll be in the evening. Sound good?

Though… I suppose Raven could be useful, too. >u>

Oh, another random idea! I’m sorry I’m getting so excited and spontaneous about this, but how would you guys like it if I did weekly livestreams where I can work on the comic (and you can watch), and we can talk about these ideas in real time? I think that would be cool!! But of course, I can’t do it if no one is going to watch it, so let me know (or maybe just like this post) if you’d be up for joining me~

As a bonus, (if you guys are up for it) I can pop in game and we can do some stuff. Henir/Secrets/sparring/just hanging out/anything!

I’m going to make a new tag and actively talk with you guys about the things you send me to help with these comics. If you don’t want to see this, blacklist #holiday comic planning (alternatively, you can actively check that tag to see my thoughts.) I’ll probably delete these after this is over.

This way you guys will know what I’m considering. I want this to be something we work on together, so I don’t want to just be like “hey send me stuff”

Sometimes I might ask for more detail.

My thoughts thus far:

Halloween: Yes, Add is afraid of ghosts. Possible character bonding because of this is a good idea. I just don’t want to make these stories about any one character in particular, so if anyone has any not-Add-related Halloween ideas, let me know.

Thanksgiving: I’ve got nothing, really, but since it’s an American holiday and is kind of controversial (due to C.C. basically raiding an already established society and inviting himself in, which is really rude, to put it lightly), I wanted to sort of make this less about Thanksgiving’s history as a whole, and I could make it more about being thankful for what we have and friends and stuff. (Yeah, I know that’s what this holiday is generally about, but I want it to FOCUS on that, and take out the gorging yourself at a family dinner, and “sharing”.) What do you guys think of that?

Christmas: Lots of ideas for this. Lots of cute ones. Here are the notes I’ve taken into consideration so far:
* Christmas is two days before Elboy and Aisha’s birthday
* “For Christmas, I can see the group visiting each area and giving out presents to everyone, and eventually even Add gets in on it.” -Anonymous (I came up with my own idea after seeing this, what do you guys think about: Some of the elgang doesn’t know what Christmas is ((ex. Add)) and it’s up to the others to teach them?)
*  ”During winter time, I suspect Veteran Commander’s arm is used by the team to stay warm~” (Adorable. I want to include it. Less as something to base the story off of and more about something I just want to include during dialogue somewhere.)
* hellofadevil Kiss under the mistletoe (I also don’t want to make this about any particular ships… but I could do common ones like RavenxRena, ElswordxAisha?)
* golden-armadildo Grumpy add at start, leading to a heartwarming ending (No specific character story but I do want to include this as a plot point.)
*  ”Having the group go to Hamel’s Capital at Christmas time? I would imagine the place would be lit up with lights and full of snow~ Snowball fights in Wintery Velder rather than sparring?”
*  ”The elgang was excited to enjoy their day of snow that only comes one every year but after much anticipation sadly the beautiful cold snow never falls so Aisha uses her magic to surprise the gang with snow for the holidays in the following day”

New Years: Only got one piece of input, but I really like it.
* “Raven and Add should have a little heart-to-heart about their similar, tragic pasts and the contemplation of time, because what is another year to Add?” -Anonymous (Though, like I said, I don’t want to make it about any specific character/s, so I’ll probably include this in rather than build the story around it.)


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Depending on the judging results, we may or may not have to alter the allocation of prizes a bit. However, we have enough participants to continue the contest, hooray~. We would like to thank all participants and encourage any others to join!

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Good luck all Elfashionistas!

Hey guys! You should definitely enter this contest~ they’re lacking in entries. You can win a 6/6 IM set, so you can buy the costume you enter and show it off! (Alternatively, you can exchange your prizes, so there’s really no reason not to give it a shot.)