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Code empress x Mastermind plz never see paring :/
Hello! Could you make some LK x SD? :) Me and my girlfriend love that ship XD

Well… it’s been that long already.

Today marks the 2nd year of this blog’s life. While it wasn’t active all the time, once I picked it up again, I’ve kept it running smoothly and with dedication.

I promised daily answers for the entirety of this year. I’m not 100% certain that will continue into next year… but I really want to. Though believe me, this blog has caused me a lot of stress, and Drive can vouch for that… ^ ^; I may take breaks at times and not make promises that are going to be painful to keep.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE: Two years!! /o/

Also, Drive and I’s one-year anniversary is coming up on the 28th. That’ll be fun! >u<

Follower appreciation time~

While I might complain a lot about the number, I really do love each and every one of you for contributing to this blog and for following and reblogging and sharing it with your friends. It means so much that I can just make people smile sometimes. It’s something I like doing and I’m just… really, shocked that so many people are enjoying it! I never expected this blog to get so popular. I cannot say that enough. I thought my reign of terror was over when I shut down NontoxicEggs. But now here it is again.

Thank you, all of you. <3 You’re the best.

Daily answers for the rest of this year… let’s get it rolling!

Elesis is technically part of the search party. She helps out in Velder and is a part of them all the way through. She maybe in charge of the Red Knights,but that's because she's a Velder Knight. Even so,Elsword is one too,it's shown as he job changes into LK.



woah chill you can still ask her stuff lol

I just changed the blog title to “Ask The El Explorers” so now it could technically be anyone searching for the El.

Thus.. y’know, El Search Party, but that’s the official name I guess, so it’s not general enough to include Elesis.

i give in i’m sorry omg

i had it like that initially to switch it up a little because i thought having the title and the url be the exact same thing was boring

but apparently people actually look at the title and i’m regretting it

Hello. I was wondering of how EXP medal (or exp boost) works if the character is holding two of them. If I have both 15% and 30% medals will it combine or only work as one?

You will get +15% and +30% individually.

They do not stack together to get 45% EXP. You will get +15% and +30%.

You may be wondering, “Doesn’t 15 + 30 = 45..?”

Explanation below the cut.

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