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He wants us to kill him if it happens, but the rest of us agreed that we’re gonna do our best to hold him back and see what we can do. We have plenty of friends who we can ask for help. In the meantime, there will be enough of us to keep him from hurting anyone, including himself.

Hey, admin, did you watch any of the PanAm Tourney?

I don’t know anyone who’s participating nor did I hear about it until it began, so I haven’t. ;u;

Umm... what should I say... uh... don't overdo it okay? I mean pulling all-nighters and stuff...

Thank you for your concern. uvu I admit I don’t do a very good job at taking care of myself. I’ll try harder.

So I know this is weird to ask but since no one is helping me with it. What character nickname do you think would fit a Yama Raja? I am so desperate!! Ughh *explodes*

I personally went with a name around Buddhism, due to the Chinese name of her Hyper Active being the name for the Buddhist Naraka, Mahaurava, the “Great Screaming Naraka” (according to Elwiki).

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Here’s the facebook format for all the posts! I’ll be posting them to facebook individually and linking back to the original here. Hope you guys like it! If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

They’re in the same area more often than not, so to me, they’re practically the same.